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from web to mobile and beyond

Beautiful, useful digital products.

We design and develop beautiful, but most importantly, useful digital products that launch businesses into the stars. We create everything from logos to website to mobile apps to games. But we don't just design, we will jump into your existing team and develop your already designed idea. We just want to create and have fun doing it.

digital displays

design with a strategy

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Organizing a piece of design is not much different and organizing a garage. Every tool has a specific use and a specific place where it lives. Small tool boxes to single car garages to industrial warehouses can all house tools. Use this analogy when thinking about websites running on different platforms. A small tool box is a smart phone. The garage is a mobile tablet. And finally the industrial warehouse is a desktop computer while multiple screens.

When we create a piece of digital design, we design and develop for every size garage. We simplify the experience completely by removing clutter that does not belong. And we build from the ground up so our designs can be experienced beautifully on every platform or garage.

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  • PLAN
  • research
  • analyze
  • wireframe
  • design
  • develop
  • quality check
  • blast off
  • maintenance

our design process

3 basic steps to launching a beautiful product.

Step one includes research and wireframing. Step two is design and development. Then finally step three includes quality testing and ongoing maintenance (if needed) to insure a perfect product.

We have one overarching mission: It is to launch successful products. Note the word successful. This is very important. Over and over again we watch beautiful edgy designs launch. And over and over again we see them ultimately fail. They do not fail because they are poorly designed; they fail because they were not designed for the correct purpose. We believe that a website designed for the correct purpose is more powerful than the most beautifully designed site, designed for the wrong purpose.

This is how we do. Step 1: Plan. Take an in-depth look at your business and then at your competition’s businesses. We install comprehensive analysis software onto your pre existing website that tells us all manner of things. Everything from a heat map showing where your clients click, to a percentage list of page views and even a chart detailing how long they stay on each page. Once we have the knowledge, we design wireframes showing exactly what you need.

Now the fun really begins, Step 2: Magic. Our design team works closely with our development team to construct a product which is both beautiful, successful and functions correctly across all platforms and browsers. Once you have approved the designs we move onto the development phase.

Finally, Step 3: Launch. This where we have the countdown, throw the switch and blast off. Your website, app, logo or game is now live for the world to see. But our job is not done. We spend some time going through each page and every link double checking to make sure there are zero bugs and your product is running smoothly. You know, like butter.

2 Space Dudes


just 2 dudes running a galaxy

Trevin Trevin Spencer: Lead Designer/Starfleet Commander
Nick Sackman Nick Sackman: Lead Developer/Chief Engineer

2dudes has combined experience from developing concepts through finished production files for print, online and broadcast media. Also, art direction and postproduction on television and video projects, attending press checks, developing proposals, generating original photography, creating visual strategies, and participating in client presentations. Furthermore, we have development skills from HTML to Java.


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