Summit Northwest Ministries

2Dudes Digital Design Transforms Summit Northwest Ministries’ Mission into an Engaging Online Experience

Summit Northwest Ministries is a faith-based community in the Pacific Northwest that is passionate about sharing God’s love with hurting people. We strive to create intentional relationships and nurturing community through biblically-based worship and active service to our neighbors. Whether you’re new to the area or seeking spiritual growth, we welcome you to join us for a transformative experience in Post Falls, ID – our beautiful corner of the country.

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Sharing God’s love with hurting people.

In collaboration with Summit Northwest Ministries, 2Dudes Digital Design embarked on a mission to revamp their online presence. Our goal was to translate their faith-driven values into a visually compelling website, fostering community engagement.

Understanding the essence of Summit Northwest Ministries’ mission, we engaged in collaborative consultations to conceptualize a design reflective of their commitment to intentional relationships and biblically-based worship. Our approach included the seamless integration of advanced features, such as Email automation, ensuring efficient communication within the community.

Live stream Integration was a pivotal element, enabling Summit Northwest Ministries to extend their reach locally. This addition enhances their virtual presence, allowing a broader audience to partake in their transformative worship experiences.

The outcome is a user-friendly website that not only mirrors the warmth of their physical community but also facilitates online interactions seamlessly. As our partnership with Summit Northwest Ministries continues, 2Dudes Digital Design remains dedicated to evolving their digital platform, embodying their commitment to spiritual growth and welcoming newcomers to the scenic corner of Post Falls, ID.

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