2Dudes Digital Design Races Ahead: Revitalizing Bloomsday’s Online Hub with Cutting-Edge Design, Seamless Integration

2Dudes Digital Design proudly announces our collaboration with Bloomsday, Spokane’s iconic annual 12K race organized by the Lilac Bloomsday Association. Renowned for fostering health, fitness, and community spirit since 1977, Bloomsday has become a beloved tradition within the Lilac City. Our team embarked on the redesign of the Bloomsday website, aiming to encapsulate the race’s enduring spirit and create an engaging online hub.

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Navigating the challenge of transforming a large website with hundreds of pages, we implemented custom mega navigation menus for seamless user exploration. Video integration added a dynamic touch, allowing visitors to experience the essence of Bloomsday. Leveraging our expertise in email marketing and automation, we established efficient communication channels to keep the Bloomsday community informed and engaged.

To enhance the overall participant experience, we integrated a custom race results feature, providing real-time information. A dedicated blog section keeps the community abreast of the latest Bloomsday news and stories. Race countdowns add anticipation and excitement, building momentum leading up to the annual event.

To ensure optimal performance, we proudly utilized our cutting-edge 2Dudes Hyper Core Web Hosting. This not only enhances the website’s speed and reliability but also contributes to a seamless online experience for Bloomsday enthusiasts. Our local Spokane SEO strategies were intricately woven into the website’s fabric, ensuring high visibility within the Lilac City and beyond.

The new Bloomsday website, a product of meticulous design and thoughtful integration of features by 2Dudes Digital Design, stands as a testament to our commitment to elevating the digital presence of local Spokane institutions. We are thrilled to have played a part in enhancing the online hub of this iconic race, celebrating the enduring camaraderie and athleticism that define Bloomsday.

Empowering Inclusivity

At 2Dudes Digital Design, ensuring an inclusive and accessible online experience is paramount. We proudly leverage the UserWay Accessibility plugin to seamlessly comply with ADA laws and adhere to WCAG 2.1 & 2.2 guidelines at every stage of our web accessibility journey. Joining forces with over 1 million websites and millions of users with disabilities, we trust UserWay to empower us in creating digital spaces that prioritize inclusivity. This commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it reflects our dedication to making the digital landscape welcoming and accessible to all.

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