Why Spokane Doesn’t Suck: Exploring the City’s Natural Beauty, Culture, and Community

Feb 17, 2023

Spokane, Washington, is an underrated city with a lot to offer visitors and locals alike. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, Spokane has a vibrant food and drink scene, a rich cultural scene, and a welcoming community. If you’re looking for a city that doesn’t suck, Spokane should be on your list of destinations.

From Hiking Trails to Craft Beer: Why Spokane is the Perfect Destination for Nature Lovers and Foodies

The natural beauty of Spokane is a major draw for visitors. From the Spokane River and the Spokane Falls to the city’s many parks, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. For those interested in hiking, biking, or skiing, Spokane has many trails and ski resorts to explore.

Spokane’s cultural attractions include museums like the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, which showcases the history and culture of the Pacific Northwest. The city is also home to historic venues like the Bing Crosby Theater and the oldest symphony orchestra west of the Mississippi River, the Spokane Symphony.

Food and drink are also major attractions in Spokane. The city has a diverse range of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, as well as a strong craft beer scene. Local breweries like No-Li Brewhouse, Iron Goat Brewing, and Perry Street Brewing are popular with locals and visitors alike.

In addition to its attractions, Spokane is a great place to live and work. The city has a lower cost of living than many other major cities and a strong economy with a diverse range of industries. Major employers in the area include Providence Health & Services, Washington State University Spokane, and the City of Spokane.

Spokane: The Affordable, Inclusive, and Fun Destination You Haven’t Considered Yet

Finally, Spokane is a welcoming and inclusive community with a strong LGBTQ+ presence. The Spokane Pride Parade and Festival is one of the largest events of its kind in the Pacific Northwest and attracts visitors from all over the region.

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